First Bus Mural - Free to Explore

Aberdeen’s hottest new selfie spot unveiled

New street art has appeared in Aberdeen to mark the start of a new campaign to get under 22s to travel around their city for free.

Located by the city’s Bon Accord shopping centre, a design of a pair of wings by street artist Rogue One has adorned the entrance to spread First Bus’s ‘Free to Explore’ message as it works to raise awareness of Transport Scotland’s scheme to offer free bus travel to young Scots under the age of 22.

Artist Rogue One in front of the First Bus mural

Over half a million young Scots (578,000) have signed up for their free travel passes so far, with an average of 183,200 journeys being made in Aberdeen each month by under 22 card holders.

Thousands have been taking advantage of free bus travel so far with nearly two thirds (62%) of those eligible for the scheme having signed up for their passes.

To help to spread the message of the free travel scheme to young people in Scotland, popular social media singer-songwriter Archie (@archiecwmusic on Instagram) is supporting First Bus’s campaign.

He said: “The freedom that my bus pass gives me is just fantastic. Life is getting more and more expensive today and so, as a young person, being able to save money on travel can have a huge impact. I really value being able to get to and from my gigs, and out to see family and friends, without having to worry about how I’ll get there, so I’m keen to do my bit to make sure that young people in Scotland know that free travel is an option to them.”

Duncan Cameron, Managing Director at First Bus Scotland, said: “Offering young people the freedom to explore their towns and cities, and get about independently, is incredibly important for social equality, personal growth and, of course, the environment.

"With a generation of young people more focused and aware of their environmental impact than ever before, this travel offering will go a long way in helping to cement green transport habits by shifting away from frequent individual car use and building a generation of bus users.

“We’re delighted to be working to raise awareness of this scheme and are hopeful that it will go a long way in helping Aberdeen to become a more sustainable city.

“I am also proud our mural is featured at the Bon Accord Centre, a significant destination in the city centre and an important part of our Aberdeen network.”